20 December, 2017

Josh and Caitlin – Relaxed marquee wedding at home

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In late July I got to shoot the stunning celebrations of this gorgeous pair, Josh and Caitlin at their home marquee wedding in Surrey. Caitlin wore a completely breathtaking Rue De Seine gown, which was so unique and suited her perfectly. Her stunning bridesmaids wore pretty peach tones and beautiful flowers to match. Josh and his groomsmen looked pretty dapper too in their navy blue suits and spotty tie ensembles!

To say it rained on the day is a slight understatement but basically these guys had such an amazing day they didn’t mind a bit. Taking it all in their stride, just loving the day, we took photos in the rain and it all looked incredible. It just shows how the weather doesn’t matter at all, just embrace it! As a UK based wedding photographer I get to shoot in all sorts of weather and honestly, rain is all good.

Josh and Caitlin found me after a google search (thanks google!) and really liked my style. Josh told me a little about them;

I am half English half Chinese, grew up in England but moved to Hong Kong post uni. I’m in the fitness industry with a food company and I own a personal training gym. Caitlin is American (Miami). She moved to HK after uni too, really exploring Asia and just ended up living in HK. We met at a roof top party in the city (very romantic… not)

We chatted about their day, their plans for their home marquee wedding, their aspirations for what they wanted from a photographer and I’m so pleased they chose me as it was completely epic!!!

Josh and Caitlin chose to have a relaxed home marquee wedding, at Josh’s family home which is set in a beautiful garden. The place looked utterly amazing, the flowers and all the decorations were so pretty, a classic rustic english wedding with a contemporary twist and completely jaw dropping at every turn. The dessert table in particular was awesome.

After the ceremony, the celebration continued in the marquee with the wedding breakfast and a massive, awsome party! I love getting on the dance floor with all the guests and getting those moments where everyone is just really getting down and partying! Helped by the brilliant roaming band, ROAMEO.

Thanks so much to Caitlin and Josh for letting me capture your day, much love for your future together. If you are planning a home marquee wedding, get in touch I’d love to hear all about it. Here’s just a few of my favourite shots from throughout day.

Lucy x

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Venue – Home Marquee Wedding | Dress – Rue De Seine | Shoes – Steve Madden | Hair and Make -up – Rosie Kor | Entertainment – ROAMEO